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Susan Kennard ~ Special Invitation

Susan Kennard is inviting the CSVS Season 06 participants to a Professional Psychic and Mediumship Development Course:

Awaken & Develop Your Mediumship Skills

Tuesdays | 8pm UK Time

Join Susan for her new professional Psychic and Mediumship Development course!

During this course you will learn how to connect to your guides and meet them on a higher vibration, just like Susan!

This is a professional mediumship 9-week development course to create a strong connection with your spirit gate keeper and to communicate with deceased loved ones to bring forward clear, accurate evidence of survival, along with uplifting messages.

  • In this course, you will:
  • Learn how to become a professional Medium with a step-by-step process
  • Learn to Create a Safe Space & Ground & Connect
  • Heal the Blocks to being a Medium
  • Practice in a Small Group setting
  • Access Accurate Evidence of Survival from Those Who Passed Over
  • Deliver Uplifting Messages

After the this course, you will feel more confident in your mediumship skills to be ready to give evidence to real people.

This includes (9) weekly group classes for Q&A, Coaching, Practice, and Processes.  
 It also includes (1) 1-1 session with Susan Kennard.

​Susan has been a medium for over 25 years and has taught this course in person and online! For many years, she taught mediumship and connecting with her guides. She offers this unique opportunity to work with her for 6 weeks in a small group setting to help you develop and enhance your mediumship ability, have a greater connection with your guides, and channel messages with those in higher realms.  Susan and her guides will support you throughout the process.  She is an
​amazing teacher and facilitator that can help you further develop your connection and channeling skills!

You don't want to miss out this course! If you have been looking for a new class this year, this is it! You are meant to be a part of this class.


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