~ Season 05 ~
05-08 May 2023

The Channeling Spirit Virtual Summit main seasons run every three months, with 12 live sessions across four days, followed by replays.

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Welcome to the Channeling Spirit Virtual Summit

We are all incredibly grateful and honored that you are joining us for this opportunity to hear and experience the latest messages, healings and transmissions directly from Spirit.

The intention for this project is fundamentally to give Spirit a voice and platform, for them to share with us what they believe is most relevant and helpful for all of us at this point in time, both as individuals and as a planet.

If you are here, it is because your higher self and your spiritual team have helped shape what will be shared with us throughout this event. This is truly a collaborative process, with each one of us and our respective spirit teams coming together and participating in the creation of what is presented during each of these spirit-led sessions.


Being Spirit ❤️ Being Human ❤️ Simply Being from Love ❤️

A Brief Introduction to CSVS

What is Channeling and Info about CSVS

~ Season 05 ~ 
Schedule and Agenda May 05-08

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PLEASE NOTE: Each channeled session is 60-90 minutes, which allows for time in between to integrate, relax and prepare for the next session.


Friday, 05 May, 2023

We will begin the season with a short Opening Ceremony as part of the first session with Daniel Martinez Stahl.

1pm Eastern (local time) ~ Katja Rusanen ~ Soul Story: Awakening to Your True Potential and Purpose

3pm Eastern (local time) ~ Katherine Flynn ~ Connection to Earth and Your Heart Center

5pm Eastern (local time) ~ Shannon Johnson ~ Navigating the Pitfalls of Life

Saturday, 06 May, 2023

1pm Eastern (local time) ~ Kristen Numen ~ Stepping Into Your Sovereign Being

3pm Eastern (local time) ~ Joe Monkman ~ Out of the Ordinary: When Not Normal Is the New Normal

5pm Eastern (local time) ~ Dennis Merenda ~ Mediumship and Spirit Communication

Sunday, 07 May, 2023

1pm Eastern (local time) ~ Alex Vitello ~ Three Tips to Help You Integrate Your Channeling Gifts Into a Successful Business

3pm Eastern (local time) ~ Daniel Martinez Stahl ~ Excited to Play With The Energy of All That Is

5pm Eastern (local time) ~ Samuel Thomas-Holland ~ The Art of Letting Go Into Forgiveness of Self

Monday, 08 May, 2023

1pm Eastern (local time) ~ Heidi Sue ~ You! On Purpose!

3pm Eastern (local time) ~ Zac Sacbe ~ What is Your Role in the New Earth?

5pm Eastern (local time) ~ Ana Maria Vasquez ~ Trees as Master Teachers

(This final session will lead into the Closing Ceremony, after a 5 minute break.) 


Thursday, 01 June, 2023 at 4pm Eastern (local time)
Bonus LIVE Session ~ special Q&A session for the season contributors

(Available to anyone who contributes via the Early Access package or Donation.)

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Intention and Sacred Invitation

To the love and light of the Divine, we thank you for being with us, for loving us, guiding us and supporting us and showing us the way. We invite our guides, angels, mentors, masters, healers and loved ones into our awareness. May we all expand our consciousness and connect even more clearly with our higher selves and respective spirit teams. We invite the beings of light that help to create and maintain a safe and sacred space around us, and who help raise our vibration so that we may connect with Spirit more easily. We appreciate you all for your continued guidance, protection and loving support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions, but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions that are not answered below.

Most people associate "channeling" with being a medium for spiritual energy, but what people don't often recognize is that we are all spiritual energy and we are all mediums for spiritual energy. Every single one of us channels every single day, the difference is that most of us are not aware of it or would define it in this way.

Most of us recognize that we are connected to our own inner wisdom. Many of us recognize that insights and moments of inspiration come to us from the unknown. Many of us recognize that our new ideas come from the creative energy of life. All of these are day-to-day examples of channeling.

The channeling that will take place during the spirit sessions of the Channeling Spirit Virtual Summit, is using this same capacity to access spiritual intelligence that we all have.  

Spirit is a general term that is used in many ways to reference spiritual energy, spiritual entities, and also to Source Energy itself. 

How will I benefit from listening to Channeled messages?

Though the words of a channeled message are valuable, the experience itself is an energetic experience. In addition to the cognitive advise and information that will be provided, by listening to a channeled message, we all elevate and expand our awareness and we also become more receptive to energetic upgrades or downloads that our higher self and spiritual team would like to share with us. For many, these experiences are healing and transformative. We would love to hear from you and of your experience if you are willing to share with us below, in the contact form.


Remember that even though the words and messages are important, this is fundamentally an energetic experience; one that helps remind you of your true self, of your connection with Spirit, and ultimately that you are Source energy.

Having said that, you will have access to the replay for a 24 hour period after the live session and once again for nine days afterwards. The audio and video files will eventually be shared publicly via a podcast and YouTube. However, you can always purchase the Early Access package if you can't wait and you will also receive an exclusive invitation to a bonus live session.

Anyone and everyone can develop and expand on their innate ability to channel spiritual energy and spiritual intelligence, as described above. The more aware we are of the fact that we are Source Energy, that we are part of the whole, and/or that we are universal consciousness, the easier it is for us to connect with our spiritual self and what many of us would refer to as our spiritual team. As Spirit loves to remind us all the time, they are us and we are them. There is no separation.


Naturally, we would recommend you connect with any of the speakers from this Channeling Spirit Virtual Summit that you resonate with. All of our speakers teach others how to connect more deeply with themselves and to develop their own "skills" and "abilities" in different ways.

However, this is an inner journey. Channeling is a reflection or representation of the relationship we have with our inner self, our true self, our spiritual self, which is fundamentally Source Energy. 

This platform is not designed as a class or a course on "how to" channel. However, as I've stated elsewhere on this page, this event is an energetic experience that will deepen your connection with your higher self, your spirt team and with Source (however you define these terms for yourself), which means you may find yourself channeling more easily as a result of these sessions.

We will inevitably speak about our own channeling journey, which may include tips and ideas for you to connect more easily. But if you are looking to take a class on how to channel, I will always recommend Jamie Butler, who is one of my teachers, and many of the CSVS Artisans (our speakers) offer their own classes on channeling. So, if you resonate with a particular speaker, please feel free to reach out to them.


How Do I Access the CSVS Season 04 Sessions?

You can see the agenda in the live Calendar page.

Free Live Sessions via Zoom

Zoom webinar link sent via email prior to the sessions, with the potential for listener interaction with the speakers. 

Free Session Daily Replays (Calendar)

Available for all to listen as often as you would like. Day 1 sessions will be posted to the season webpage for a 24 hour period a couple of days after the conclusion of the live event, day 2 on the second day, etc. 

Free Encore 9-Day Replays (Calendar)

All of the current season's sessions will be made available again for a nine day period on the season webpage, starting on a weekend shortly after the daily replays.

YouTube and Podcast

The audio and videos will eventually be made available via Podcast and YouTube after about six months. 🙂❤️ 

Early Access Package

Full Disclosure: 
All recordings will eventually be made available via YouTube (video) and Podcast (audio) after about six months.

However, if you can't wait and want to have access to the recordings as soon as they are made available, you can purchase the unlimited access package, which includes all of this season's Video and Audio:

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🦋 Bonus LIVE Q&A Session 🦋

This is a LIVE Q&A session is only available to people that purchase the Early Access Package or have donated directly to CSVS, and it's held shortly after the end of the nine-day replay period.


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