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Laurie Moore, PhD ~ Special Invitation

Laurie is offering the CSVS S07 participants two offers:

10 Minute Gift Reading of your Choice (ordinarily $100)


Please note: When you click on the link below, it will take you to a page with different services. Select the kind of session you want and then you will be directed to a menu to choose from a variety of options for that category. Within these options, you will find two that are specificly for CSVS. 

Please sign up here for your FREE 10 minute reading
(Be sure to select "CSVS Season 7 Gift")


And if you want to go deeper, she's also offering a 33% discount for a Human or Animal Session (Reading/Coaching). To learn more about the sessions:


Please note: Same as above, the offer is titled: CSVS SEASON 7

🌺 Book Here: Bookings - Dr. Laurie Moore, Animal Communicator & Coach (animiracles.com)

🌺 Or here Make an Appointment with Dr. Laurie Moore (animiracles.com)

Book the session labeled: CSVS SEASON 7

If you book under the regular session sign ups you will be charged full price so make sure to sign up for the sessions labeled "CSVS SEASON 7" to receive your 33 percent discount!