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Rev Joanne Angel Barry Colon ~ Special Invitation

Joanne Angel is offering the CSVS Season 06 participants a $33 Discount off a Self-Growth Discovery Session, which includes: 

🦋 Focus on Health, Fitness, Wellness, Emotional and Spiritual needs
🦋 6 to 9 cards from my deck
🦋 Astrology and Numerology insight personally/collectively 
🦋 Clearing Energy from one Chakra that shows up from the 6 to 9 cards
🦋 Chakra Balance Reiki Healing

If you decided to continue working with Joanne Angel, she will use all this information to create a 6–12 month transformation plan that is individually tailored for you. You can book the appointment directly:

www.wholisticfitnessny.com or healingwithin76 at gmail dot com