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Heidi Sue ~ Special Invitation

Heidi Sue is offering the participants of the Channeling Spirit Virtual Summit Season 05 a HeartSpace Exploration Session at a special rate of CA$88.

One HeartSpace Explorations Session contains three components:

1) Exploration ~ In the initial HeartSpace Exploration, Heidi Sue will guide you through a live, listening journey revealing the messages your heart has for you. 

2) Expression ~ Following the verbal exploration is the Expression. The energies of your amazing heart “finally being heard” are at an increased capacity wanting to reinforce its loving communication with you!  These From-Your-Heart communications are transcribed into a print format containing messages from your heart space which may be missed during the live session.  These sacred messages from your own heart supports the recalibration process, freeing your beautiful heart to move forward with your new heartfelt awareness. 

3) Remote Radiance Brightenings ~ The final piece is a series of deep, reflective prayers done remotely to support your continued HeartSpace clearings.  All HeartSpace Radiance Brightenings are uniquely customized to you as guided by your loving heart.

To schedule your HeartSpace Explorations Session, you can contact Heidi Sue via her
HeartSpaceExplorer Facebook page or via email HeartSpaceExplorer (at) gmail (dot) com