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Heidi Sue ~ Special Invitation

Heidi Sue is offering the participants of CSVS Season 07 a Divine Heart Realignment Session at a special rate of $98 (in the currency of your country).

Heidi Sue will gently guide you in this deeper clearing session; clearing and freeing your energetic heart space allowing for the restoring of your own magnificently loving essence.

She’ll skillfully present focused questions highlighting a single heart fracture issue you wish to address and clear. You will come away from a session with a fully released, transformed and integrated persona which may have previously been instrumental in dulling your heart, diminishing your passion and zest for life, perpetuating self-criticism or lack of self-acceptance.

The benefit of integrating into the alignment of Divine Unconditional Love as provided in this Heart-focused session is that people will recognize and respond to that Special Brightness within you. You’ll be Radiating Authentic Self-Assurance.

When living from the True Heart, one radiates confidence, joy, peace, and a sense of reassurance which is absolutely exquisitely inviting and welcoming for others to come and share in your Healing Light. There are a million ways to live well. It all starts from within your Luminous Heart!

To schedule your Divine Heart Realignment Session, you can contact Heidi Sue via her
HeartSpaceExplorer Facebook page or via email HeartSpaceExplorer (at) gmail (dot) com

(Please be sure to mention CSVS when you are setting up your private one-on-one session.)