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Fiona Paul ~ Special Invitation

Fiona is offering the CSVS Season 04 participants a 30% discount on a private one-hour session. Combining her unique abilities and strong intuitive connections, Fiona will guide you to align with your inner Truth, your Divinity and Wisdom. 

These sessions are powerful, unique, deeply personal and filled with Divine Love. Through the guidance of your Higher Self, the Animal Consciousness, Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters and much more, limiting low density belief programs are dissolved away as you reveal your higher frequency of Truth, Wisdom and Empowerment.

As energetic Human Beings your energetic frequency and vibration dictates your reality – You get more of who you Are.

To take advantage of this offer apply the discount code CSVS-S04 in the shopping basket:

CSVS Private 1-hour Session with Fiona Paul