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Thank You for Confirming Your Interest in CSVS


We will be sending you event details via email, so be sure to look form them in your inbox (as well as any other pesky folders like spam and promotions).

Preparation Recommendations

  1. Be well hydrated ~ water is energy and your body uses more energy when you connect and communicate with Spirit.
  2. Allow yourself to be present, relaxed and in the moment.
  3. Give yourself time to reflect before and after, allow the information to settle and integrate.
  4. Remember to also ground as you expand your awareness. There are many ways to ground. Grounding is about connecting and rooting into the energy of our amazing Earth.

One quick and easy way to ground yourself is to imagine your energy moving down through your body to the center of the Earth and back up again. If you want, you can then allow this grounded energy to continue up through the crown of your head and all the way up into the sky. Then you can expand out from there to include the entire Universe and beyond into All That Is. 

 Important Pre Event Video

Thank you again for being part of our journey and for the honor of allowing us to be part of yours.
Special thanks also to your higher self and Spirit team for helping to co-create this event.

Lots of love, 🙂❤️

and the rest of the CSVS Artisans


Being Spirit ❤️ Being Human ❤️ Simply Being From Love ❤️