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Thank You Again for Your Registration ~ You Are In!

Preparation Recommendations

During the live sessions, or when you are revisiting the replays and recordings/transcripts from the Unlimited Access Package, it would be amazing if you can participate from a space where you are able to be relaxed and attentive. 

Prior to the event and before each session, quietly reflect on any questions that you have or any areas of your life that you would like your own personal spirit team to assist you with.

Be present, in the moment. Allow yourself to feel and receive the energy from Spirit (which always includes your higher self and your personal team of guides, angels, etc.)

 Important Pre Event Video

We will be sending you event details via email, so be sure to look form them in your inbox (as well as any other pesky folders like spam and promotions).

Thank you once again for being here with us on this amazing journey and to your higher self and spiritual team for helping to co-create this event.

Lots of love, 🙂❤️

and the rest of the CSVS Artisans


Being Spirit ❤️ Being Human ❤️ Simply Being From Love ❤️