CSVS S04 Early Access 2023-02-02

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Once again, the intention for this project is fundamentally to give Spirit a voice and platform, for them to share with us what they believe is most relevant and helpful for all of us at this point in time, both as individuals and as a planet.

This is truly a collaborative process, with each one of us, and our respective spirit teams, coming together and participating in the creation of what is shared during each of these spirit-led sessions. If you are here, you can be sure that your higher self and spiritual team have helped shape what was shared with us in each session throughout this season.

We are all incredibly grateful and honored that you have joining us for this experience and hope that you get a lot out of the messages, healings and transmissions that were shared during the live sessions. As always, you will likely hear something new every time you watch, listen and/or read this information. 

Please remember, even though the words and messages are important, this is fundamentally an energetic experience; one that helps remind you of your true self, of your connection with Spirit, and ultimately that you are Source energy.

If you haven't already done so, you can purchase the Season 04 Early Access Package here at any time.

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Being Spirit ❤️ Being Human ❤️ Simply Being from Love ❤️

S04 Episode 01 ~ 2023-Feb-02 ~ Opening & Aurora Shele DeAngelis

S04 Episode 02 ~ 2023-Feb-02 ~ Fiona Paul

S04 Episode 03 ~ 2023-Feb-02 ~ Joanne Angel BarryColon

S04 Episode 04 ~ 2023-Feb-03 ~ Angela Anderson

S04 Episode 05 ~ 2023-Feb-03 ~ Sandra Pelley

S04 Episode 06 ~ 2023-Feb-03 ~ Daniel Martinez Stahl

S04 Episode 07 ~ 2023-Feb-04 ~ Susann Taylor Shier

S04 Episode 08 ~ 2023-Feb-04 ~ Chiara Prato

S04 Episode 09 ~ 2023-Feb-04 ~ Julie Wainer

S04 Episode 10 ~ 2023-Feb-05 ~ Ryan Wilaby

S04 Episode 11 ~ 2023-Feb-05 ~ Susan Kennard

S04 Episode 12 ~ 2023-Feb-05 ~ Kitty Foss

S04 Closing Ceremony ~ 2023-February-05

S04 2023-Mar-02 Early Access Bonus Q&A Session