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Susann Taylor Shier ~ Special Invitation

Susann Taylor Shier is offering the CSVS Season 04 participants a 20% savings to her upcoming immersion training:

Feel at Home on Earth in Your Universal Self

Offer ends 02-Mar-23
Coupon code for Channeling Spirit participants: mastery


Feel at Home on Earth in Your Universal Self is a 21-day live training with Susann. It is a wildly successful and carefully crafted program for sensitive beings, empaths, healers, and multidimensional souls who have difficulty here; know you give too much or take on others’ energies unwittingly.

2023 is the year to know how to expand and deepen your intuitive abilities, without the fear of taking on the energies of those around you. It is the year to bring your natural connection to infinite oneness and the vastness of creation fully into manifestation. It is the year to feel safe, confident and heart centered while bringing the fullness of your multidimensional self into the world.

This is the time to:
 🦋 Find true reliable source connection
 🦋 Assured confidence in who you are
 🦋 Feel a solid anchor within yourself that you can absolutely trust

Feel at Home on Earth in Your Universal Self will help you master your ability to thrive, with an open heart, in ALL ways on Earth as you expand your capacity to bring your unique and beautiful gifts.

During this unparalleled 21-day training, move from being a helpless empath, to receiving the “Empaths’ Guide to Thriving!”

Learn more and register here: