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Stay in the Conversation in Between Seasons

If you want to stay in the conversation, join the Spiritual Intelligence Community Membership Group where you will have access to:

🦋 Conversations with Spirit ~ Sessions each month (2-3) designed to help you stay in the channeling spirit conversation, where you can ask questions, receive messages from Spirit and even practice channeling for yourself

🦋 Spiritual Deepening and Integration ~ Sessions each month (2-3) where we have an open conversation about the edges of our understanding

🦋 Spiritual Exploration and Development ~ Sessions where we have guest speakers join us, so we can expand our understanding of what it means to be both spirit and human

Thank you for wanting to stay in the conversation, and for your interest in joining a community that is focused on supporting each other, while we all learn and expand together, and where we become an integral part of each other's spiritual journey. ❤️❤️❤️

Sign Me Up! 🙂❤️🦋

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